We have always looked for top brand names from reputable manufacturers which are continiously updating their products.

Here are three important factors when it comes to choosing a high quality product: the high development in the vehicle sector, the increase of vehicle production and the worldwide distribution market.

In FINO Recambios de Automoción e Industria S.A., we are choosing companies which are capable of supplying the increasing demand for parts and accessories

We represent companies like:

Bendix brake systems.

Texaco antifreeze / cooling agents, grease, lubricants and oil (with a special range of products for the vehicle: “Havoline”).

Clutches LUK.

Regarding filters:


Fleetguard (Cummins)

Catalitic convertors and exhaust pipes: Fonos.

Shock absorvers: Lip & Monroe

Batteries: Varta.

QH Components

All kind of garage equipment:

Lifting equipment

Brake testing equipment


Oxyacetylene burning equipment

Wheel Balancing Equipment



Because of our committment, professionalism and the top brands we represent, FINO Recambios de Automoción e Industria S.A. is now a well-known established name and respected company in the field of heavy plant.

We represent names like:

ESCO & MTG teeth, cogs, blades …

Texaco antifreeze / cooling systems, grease, lubricants and oil with a range of specialized products for heavy plants: “URSAS”

Fleetguard (Cummins) filters

Secoroc perforation equipment

Hydraulic and air high pressure hoses made to measure using Manuli hose pipe and Hidrofit fittings

SAF-OERLICON welding equipment (rods, electrods, burner …)

Hot and cold jet washing machines